Our Team

Our team at Medicine Wheel Education has diverse backgrounds and experiences. With the diversity of talents as well as cultures we operate on a consultation method to bring about the best possible resources. We all follow the Elder’s lead, teachings and knowledge to make sure we understand the protocol and cultural sensitivities in regards to the stories. We are proud to bring about such amazing stories. Here is our Team:

Teddy Anderson- Founder: 

TAMedicine Wheel Education was founded by Teddy Anderson, a multicultural individual. Although Teddy is not First Nation’s by blood Teddy’s family has been adopted into the Tlingnit tribe of the Yukon. At age 15 Teddy was given the sacred permission by offering a cultural gift to perform, teach and share the traditional First Nation’s Hoop Dance while part of the Red Deer Aboriginal Dance Troupe. Teddy later continued training with Lakota hoop dance teacher Kevin Locke. In Teddy’s travels to over 20 countries in over 1800 shows Teddy realized there is a significant lack of high quality First Nation’s resources in schools. To respond to this need Medicine Wheel Education was born, a company that delivers on culturally appropriate books, resources and tools specialized for teachers and schools.

Website: www.teddyanderson.com

Jessika Von I – Illustrations:

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Rumour has it, Jessica von Innerebner was born with a crayon in her hand. An illustrator with a passion for colour and comedy, she can draw her way out of almost anything! What she loves most is bringing engaging visuals to kid-oriented projects. Jess started her career at the age of 17, and has worked on colourful, creative ideas for Disney, Pixar, Atomic Cartoons, and Fisher Price. In spare moments, she can be found longboarding, practicing yoga, traveling to distant lands, laughing with her friends…and sometimes at them!

Website: http://thekartoonkid.blogspot.ca/


Emma Bullen- Editing:

Emma Bullen began her career at the age of 8 with a self-published book entitled How the Vulture Became Bald. Spurred on by its reception, she read her way through the contents of her local library, collected many pens, and squirrelled away in countless notepads.

Since then, she has moved on to work with companies including the BBCThe GuardianVirgin Media and The Walt Disney Company.

Emma has written content for award-winning children’s brands both online and in print, as well as features for an older audience on topics such as food and drink, creativity, health and wellness, travel, and music.

A Londoner by birth, Emma currently lives in Canada with her curly-eared cat, Keith Camembert.

Website: https://emmabullen.com

Veronique Aglat- French Translation:

IMG_0276Born and raised only a stone throw’s away from the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, Veronique was exposed to First Nation Culture at an early age. She has been an English to French licensed translator for 10 years. Her mission is to promote the proper use of the French Canadian language in its written and spoken form. With both background in science and literature, she can competently translate a wide variety of texts, but her first love is children’s books. “Words that educate through the imagination”, she likes to say.

She joined our team a year ago when she translated “The Medicine Wheel: Stories of a Hoop Dancer” and has recently worked on three new stories. She enjoys the life skills taught in each book and reads them to her own children, in English and French.

She presently lives in Montreal with her husband Charles and their two sons, Evan and Liam.

Email: vaglat@sympatico.ca