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Trudy’s Healing Stone
Trudy’s Healing Stone
Trudy’s Healing Stone

Trudy’s Healing Stone

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Everyone gets sad, angry, frustrated, and disappointed.
Difficult emotions are a natural part of life.
In this book, Trudy’s Healing Stone, Trudy Spiller shares with us a special practice that anyone can use to help them process
their feelings with the help of Mother Earth.

Trudy is part of the Gitxsan Nation in British Columbia and
belongs to the House of Gwininitxw of the Wolf Clan.
Trudy’s traditional name, Lugaganowals, means
“a frog that is always leaning or giving”.

Trudy helps families grow and flourish by sharing her knowledge of First Nation medicine, food, dress, and practices. Suggested for ages 4-6.

Author: Trudy Spiller

Illustrator: Jessika von Innerebner

Size: 20 cm x 18cm

Pages: 24 pages +

Cover: Hardcover

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-989122-20-4